A Poisonous Remark from Putin’s Chef!

Recently, the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary organization accused of committing massacres in Mali and also fighting in Ukraine, was accused of Russian billionaire Yevgeny Prigozin, who is thought to be the name behind it, He said that ”Russia will defeat Western civilization on its deathbed.”

A name close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, due to the state tenders he receives in the catering field Prigozin, who is called “Putin’s cook” and allegedly runs the Wagner Group on his orders, He made statements about the poison to the British newspaper The Guardian. Describing the West as “deplorable endangered perverts”, Prigozin, He noted that Russia will surely achieve victory in Ukraine.

Arguing that he does not have a relationship with the Wagner Group, the Russian businessman said“ “You Russians, Malians, To die thinking that Central Africans, Cubans, Nicaraguans and other peoples are disgusting Third-Worlders you are the closest Western civilization. You’re a pathetic endangered group of perverts. We are many, billions. The victory will be ours,” he said.

Prigozin, who said that the United States and European countries are trying to enslave people in Mali and in Africa, He suggested that the West is creating an atmosphere of fear in the region through terrorist organizations to plunder natural wealth.

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