A new war is being born! The Russian army has launched an attack on Poland!

The Russian army has launched an attack on Poland! The tension between Russia and Poland has Decimated a new war! Poland, which was one of the biggest supporters of Ukraine in the war between Russia and Ukraine, has now become an enemy of Russia. Dec. Russian president Vladimir Putin was calling on the Polish government at every opportunity and asking it to stop its support for Ukraine. Despite these warnings, the Polish government did not stop sending aid and was helping Ukrainian citizens in the occupied Ukrainian territory to flee to Poland. Together with the agreement signed by Poland with the United States, the Polish army has purchased many air defense systems and missiles from the United States. Russian leader Putin became quite angry after the Polish government deployed air defense systems on its border with Russia. The Russian army today targeted Poland’s newly installed air defense system in an attack on Poland. Putin failed in this attack, which targeted the Patriot air defense systems that the United States had sent to Poland. The Polish government has activated all defense systems by issuing a red alert. Polish President Andrzej Duda said that they are ready for war, not only Poland, but all states that have borders with Russia should pay attention.

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