A Move from Ukraine That Will Put Russia in a Difficult Position! Putin Is Cornered!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues.Ukraine, on the other hand, continues to resist heroically. Investigation of three Russian ships from Ukraine, Turkey, by Russia during the Ukrainian war he said he was carrying grain that he claimed was stolen. According to Reuters, grain shipments, which make up a fifth of Ukraine’s export items, have been cut off due to the war, both in Ukraine and it caused the world to have a food crisis. The Turkish foreign ministry has announced that public allegations that grain stolen by Russia has arrived in Turkey are being investigated and there are no problems.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters he said: “We have found that the port of departure of the ships and the origin of the goods are Russia in the records. List of cereals of Ukraine or we are against the receipt of other goods by Russia, and we will not allow these goods to come to us,” he said.

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