A grand gesture from the European Union to Ukraine

50 million euros in humanitarian aid package to Ukraine The European Union has announced that a total of 50 million euros will be sent to Ukraine and Moldova due to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. 5 MILLION EURO FOR MOLDOVA The 50 million euro humanitarian aid package, announced by the European Union, includes 5 million euros for Moldova and 45 million euros for Ukraine. In a statement made by the European Union,

the humanitarian aid package will be sent to provide “emergency health services, safe drinking water and hygiene access, shelter and protection, cash assistance and support against gender-based violence”. “The needs in Ukraine are now higher. We must be prepared to further increase Russia’s brutal attacks on the birth of Ukraine, especially. With this help, people who have lost access to health, water and electricity in hard-to-reach areas will be helped by the people who have to escape, leaving everything behind. We are with Ukraine,” he said.

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