A flash verdict from Zelensky! Putin and Europe is in shock!

As the war, which began with Russia’s attack, continued at full speed, a step came from Ukraine, which had an earthquake effect in Europe. The continent has officially alerted itself to the interruption of the gas flow through Ukraine to Europe. The war, which began with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, continues to take lives all over the country.

After the attack, which began on the morning of 24 February, the United States and EU countries had decided to sanction Russia, while Ukraine had started to provide arms assistance. Russian President Putin then formally announced the new era in the sale of natural gas, saying, ‘We plan to use Russian rubles while selling gas to non-friendly countries’. Bad news came from Ukraine to Europe, which is dependent on Russian gas. Ukraine has decided to stop Russian gas from passing to Europe. According to a report in the New York Times, the Ukrainian Gas Delivery System Operator announced that he would stop accepting Russian gas at the entry point from today, as the Russians intervened in technical processes at gas facilities and jeopardized the ‘stability and security of the gas transport system’. The company said the closure could close about a third of the gas passing through Ukraine from Russia.

The EU, which is almost dependent on Russian gas, was alerted after this announcement. The company said there is a possibility that it would pass gas to another crossing point, and that the European countries are taking action to bring this possibility to life. The possibility of a major natural gas artery being cut has caused an earthquake in markets already tense due to the war and Russia’s decision to stop gas flow to Poland and Bulgaria. Russian troops have been occupying the eastern Ukraine territory, where the pipeline has been going for weeks.

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