A First in the Russia-Ukraine War!

Ukraine, where Russia has been continuing its attacks,

has received the request for the air defense system it has been asking for for weeks. Slovakia became the first nato country to send an air defense system to Ukraine. Slovakia, which donated its s 300 air defense system from the Soviet Union to Ukraine, is expected to receive a Patriot in return.

The statement came from the Prime Minister of Slovakia Eduard Heger.

Heger said the move was made at the request of Ukraine. The Ukrainian nation is bravely defending its sovereign country and us as well. He said that it is our duty not to remain indifferent to the loss of life under the aggression of Russia, not to stand still, but to help. However, he said that sending the s 300s to Ukraine does not mean involvement in the war with Russia. Slovakia said it could give the s 300s to Ukraine. He had demanded modern Patriot systems for the security of his own airspace.

Previously, the Netherlands and Germany had shipped 3 Patriot batteries to Slovakia.

Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nat stated that they expect the fourth boss shipment in the coming weeks. There were claims in the press that the United States could re-enter the f 35 program in exchange for Turkey giving the s 400s to Ukraine. Ankara had flatly denied these allegations. Before the Russian invasion, about 100 s 3 batteries were located in Ukraine. It is noted that almost half of them have become unusable in attacks.

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