A Big Blow from Ukraine to Russia! Russia Has Suffered Huge Losses!

The Russian occupation troops, who wanted to seize certain territories, were given an unthinkable combat tactic from the Ukrainian army. The tactical from Ukraine, which did not use the technological wonder combat equipment from the West for a long time, caused huge losses in the Russian army. Considering that Ukraine’s weapons and technology equipment is not good, it gave the Russian army a hard time to reveal Ukraine’s main weapons while Russian commanders moved their armies comfortably on Ukrainian soil. Using the tactic popularly known as Decapitation and Ave, Ukraine repulsed the Russian troops.

It is known that the implementation of this tactic is to completely change the course of the war with the support of sudden power and technology by convincing the enemies that they are using the worst weapons possible and pulling on them. While Ukraine has achieved great success with this tactic, it is believed that a great nerve prevails on the Russian side. This is due to the fact that the western European states sold their technological wonder weapons to Ukraine.

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