Evidence found! Putin is cornered

The Amnesty International said there was evidence that Russian forces repeatedly used 9N210/9N235 miskette bombs and “fragmentation ammunition”. Bombs containing many small mines and exploding at regular intervals are covered in parts-efficient munitions.

In an inspection that lasted more than 2 weeks in the field, Amnesty took the 41 explosions, where at least 62 civilians were killed and 196 were injured. The study concluded that Russia killed civilians during the shopping process, waiting for food assistance, or just walking down the street, in marbles bombs and attacks without a target. “These weapons should not be used in any way, these are not target-oriented, they are sensitive weapons,” Donatella Rovera, Amnesty’s senior crisis response adviser, told the BBC. They have a devastating effect and cause many civilians to die,” he said.

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