First Lady criticized the USA very harshly

The first lady of Ukraine is Olena Zelenska.

She recently gave 1 interview to vogue magazine about Ukraine under siege. Zelenskiy claimed that the failure of the west to take action encouraged Russia to commit atrocities. In America, he made a hard 1 exit. The West is encouraging Russia to commit atrocities. These harsh words came to the United States from the first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenskiy.

The first lady of Ukraine Olena gave an interview to the American magazine vogue.

The first lady told how they survived in the middle of the war. Zelenska said the west’s failure to act had encouraged Russia to commit atrocities. He made a hard 1 debut in America. We asked them to close the sky above us so that the Ukrainians would not be ruined. However, nato considered this a direct confrontation with Russia.

Then can I say that Russia alone is responsible for more deaths now?

Zelenska insisted that this situation emboldened Putin and his troops. His message was clear. Respond harshly to the actions of the attacker or the attacker will be encouraged to act, she said.

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  1. To the First Lady of Ukraine I was confused and hurt that you have the nerve to criticize President Biden fact is it is EU countries who doesn’t want to start WW 3 US cannot decide alone. US is the first country to send billions military aid. I think it’s better if you just shut up okay?

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