A joke-like statement from Russia

The latest statements of Russian Foreign ministry spokeswoman Mariya Zaharova have become the agenda on social media. Zaharova gave an example of Russia’s claim to nazism in Ukraine through borscht soup belonging to Ukrainian cuisine. How is it that Ukrainians do not share soup with anyone?

This is xenophobia and nazism, he said. Russia continues to seek cover for the invasion of Ukraine.

The latest statement came from Mariya Zaharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign ministry. Zaharova exemplified the nazism that Russia claims is spreading in Ukraine with borsch soup. Ukrainians do not share their debt soup with anyone. They say that it belongs only to Ukraine, and when we talk about it, it’s xenophobia, extremism and Nazism. Zaharova’s comment has been on the agenda of social media.

The Russian spokesperson was ridiculed Kiril Martinov, the European editor of Novaya Gazeta,

one of Russia’s opposition newspapers, claimed that Zaharova was drunk during the press conference. borscht made from red beets is known as one of the traditional dishes of the eastern Slavs. Earlier, there had been tension between Russia and Ukraine over borscht soup

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