20 Countries United Against Russia! THE WAR IS JUST BEGINNING!

Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine. Ukraine, which has repeatedly asked the west for arms support before This request of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is not being turned down.20 countries will provide October arms assistance to Ukraine. The news was announced by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.With Gen. Mark milley, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff he participated in the meeting of the Ukrainian defense contact group, which was held in a virtual format with military and defense officials of 47 countries. Then they held a joint press conference.Austin emphasized the commitment of the participating countries in the support for Ukraine.

‘He has made some very satisfactory announcements about October aid to Ukraine. 20 countries have announced that they will provide Ukraine with new weapons assistance. Many countries grant critically needed artillery shells, coastal defense systems, tanks and other armored vehicles. According to Austin’s statement, Denmark will send Harpoon missiles and launchers to Ukraine for the defense of its coast. The Czech Republic has committed to provide the Ukrainian army with tanks, rockets and helicopters. Norway, Greece, Poland and Italy are the new top to Ukraine it will send systems and ammunition.

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