2 MINUTES AGO! Shocking decision from Putin! The invaders’ new plan has been revealed!

Vladimir Putin is increasing the intensity of the war! Vladimir Putin began to forcibly send Russian citizens to fight. Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to provide soldiers to the Russian army in different ways when he cannot get the number of soldiers he wants with the mobilization decision. With the decision that Putin has just approved, citizens who commit serious crimes in Russia will be included in the Russian army and sent to fight in Ukraine instead of going to prison. While many people in Russia were trying to leave the country to escape the mobilization decision, this new law approved by Vladimir Putin shocked everyone. After the mobilization decision in Russia, Vladimir Putin thought that 200 thousand soldiers would be recruited into the army, but with Russian citizens starting to flee the country, Putin does not seem to have reached the desired number. As the Russian army begins to bleed on the territory of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is increasing the severity of the war. Trying to hide his failure at the front, Putin has also increased attacks on Kiev. The Russian army is no longer targeting Ukrainian soldiers, but energy infrastructure in Ukrainian cities.

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