15-year-old Ukrainian destroyed the Russian army!

As the Ukrainian-Russian war continued at full speed, it was revealed that a 15-year-old child was raised in the destruction of the Ukrainian army during the most critical period of the war. This is the operation that changed the course of the war. Russian President Putin’s orders are holding up resistance to the Russian army entering Ukraine. As the war, which began on 24 February, continues at full speed, the world talks about the 15-year-old Ukrainian boy. The war has been concentrated in the eastern regions of the country recently. But the fact that the Russian army, which determined its target as Kiev from the first day of the operation, could not bring down the city, changed the course of the war, led the Russians to turn their targets east.

A 15-year-old boy was raised in the destruction of the Ukrainian army during this crucial period of the war, Russian troops moved to Kiev, according to Canadian-based Global News. Ukrainian young Andrii ,Pokrasa used the drone to locate the Russian convoy approaching Kiev. Sharing this information with the Ukrainian army, 15-year-old Pokrasa helped the army stop the Russian convoy with artillery fire. Ukrainian commander Yurii Kasjanov said, ‘He was the only one in the region who had experience with drones. He’s a real hero, a hero of Ukraine.”

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