Putin has targeted Europe! The West has trapped itself!

Russian President Vladimir Putin is the 100th head of Russian secret intelligence. “The collective West has trapped itself,” he said about the Western countries in the program he participated in on the occasion of the anniversary. The 100th edition of Russian secret intelligence. Russian President Vladimir Putin, who participated in the program, which took place at the Headquarters of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service on the occasion of the anniversary, targeted western countries. Putin, who left red carnations for the deceased Russian intelligence officers on the monument in front of the SVR Headquarters, made a speech later. Addressing the Russian intelligence service and stating that the situation in the world is complicated, Putin said: “The world situation remains complicated and very dynamic.

In order to be able to respond to challenges where the uncertainty factor is high, we need to solve unusual problems with many unknowns. In this case, the priority for the Foreign Intelligence Agency and our other special services is the strategic forecasting of international processes. Such an analysis should be realistic, objective, based on reliable information and the widest range of reliable sources,” he said.

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